Side Effects of Guggul Use

Guggul contains molecules called saponins, which generally appear to be safe when taken orally. Although saponins offer a lot of beneficial health effects, they can cause gastrointestinal distress. This can be alleviated by taking guggul with food.11

The crude resin of the mukul tree can cause a number of side effects (e.g., diarrhea, stomach aches, and rashes). The more purified extracts of the biologically active parts of guggul that are available now have fewer side effects.2

Can Guggul Cause Adverse Skin Reactions?

There have been some reports of skin rash as a side effect of oral or topical use of Guggul. A slimming cream, Tonific® Minceur, marketed by Nuxe Laboratory of France, caused an acute skin reaction in a single woman. The first rash disappeared within 10 days of stopping the cream, but resurfaced after another use of the cream. The only active ingredient which was found to cause the allergic reactions through discrete European standardized patch tests was guggul.67

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