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Guggul Proven to Cure Parasitic Infections

Guggul can help cure infections caused by schistosomes from fresh water snails.

People get parasitic infections such as fascioliasis and schistosomiasis primarily from contaminated water.57-58 Cases of fasciola have also been reported consumption of contaminated watercress or raw liver from infected animals (e.g., sheep or cows).58 Symptoms of fascioliasis include fever, stomach pain, shortness of breath, and weight loss.58 Schistosomiasis can be a much more serious condition, causing organ damage and failure if left untreated.57

Conventional treatment for schistosomiasis is with the drug praziquantel.57 It is also used for fascioliasis, but only as a third choice if bithionol or triclabendazole are not available since it may not be as effective.58 In clinical studies, guggul was found to be safe and extremely effective in treating both types of parasitic infections, including a 4-12 week study in children where it demonstrated a total cure.10

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