An Ancient Herbal Medicine with Modern Medical Applications

Natural Skin Care for Mature Skin

Guggul may improve the appearance of aging skin.

Guggul extract can function as both an antioxidant and antisebum agent for the skin—offering a great solution for mature women with oily skin. Inhibiting increased sebum secretion results in less oily and shiny skin and prevented the feeling of stickiness. The antioxidant activity of guggul can protect against wrinkle formation and photo aging, improving skin color, glow, and youthfulness.60

Guggul resin catalyzes two different enzymes in the human body to help form mature fat cells in the subcutaneous layer of the skin. The final outcome is smoother, continuous skin, without exerting any harmful interference with hormonal regulation of fat cells nor the hormones they secrete. This means it will not have potential adverse metabolic side effects in its use to get rid of skin wrinkles (and may in fact help reverse hormone dysregulation).60

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