An Ancient Herbal Medicine with Modern Medical Applications

Traditional Uses of Guggul

Research suggests guggul compounds may help fight head and neck cancer.

Categorized as a nervine and antispasmodic herb according to Ayureda, guggul reportedly improves functioning of the nervous system. It is considered a warming herb that pacifies vata and kapha doshas, and contains four of the six tastes (astringent, bitter, pungent and sweet). Guggul has been and continues to be used both systemically and topically in Ayurveda natural medicine for a number of different health conditions. In general, it is believed to get rid of toxic accumulations.11-13

Some examples of what conditions Ayurveda considers as caused by toxic accumulation and treatable with guggul’s purifying properties include:11-13

Body System Condition
Bones Arthritis
Cardiovascular Clogged arteries, blood clots, high cholesterol, congestive heart failure
Immune System Lung infections, tonsillitis
Metabolic/Endocrine System Diabetes, obesity
Mouth Canker sores, gingivitis, periodontal disease
Skin Acne lesions, chronic skin disorders, lipomas
Uterine Endometriosis, menstrual clotting
Whole Body Alcoholism and drug abuse recovery, cancer, nervous disorders

The guggul resin is often combined with other herbs for treatment purposes:11-13

Condition Herbs
Acne Guduchi, neem, triphala, turmeric
Arthritis Fenugreek, frankincense, turmeric
Back pain Ginger, guduchi, gokshura
Bone fractures Haritaki, trikatu, triphala, turmeric
Gout Ginger, guduchi, gokshura
Heart conditions Arjuna, punarnava, pushkaramool
Menstrual problems Safflower, shatavari, mustaka
Tinospora cordifolia, called amrit in Sanskrit.
Azadirachta indica, a purifying herb.
Tribulus terrestris.
Terminalia chebula.
A combination of ginger, black pepper, and Indian long pepper.
Boerhavia diffusa.
Inula racemosa.
Asparagus racemosus.
Cyperus rotundus.
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