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Guggul is Toxic to Ovarian Cancer Cells

Guggul compounds are toxic to ovarian cancer cells.

In traditional Ayurveda medicine, guggul is thought to stimulate and clear blood circulation, reduce tumorous masses, and heal tissue. Because of these properties guggul is used to treat breast and uterine cancers.25 However, some western medical experts recommend that guggul not be used if you have any of hormone-sensitive conditions such as breast, prostate, or ovarian cancer since guggul is similar to the female reproductive hormone, estrogen.39

Extensive laboratory tests at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center has demonstrated that guggul is toxic to cancer cells in a dose-dependent manner, including decreasing the viability of two different lines of ovarian cancer cells by 67-72% at the highest concentration.37 These are only preliminary studies and until further research is done it is unclear how guggul will behave in the body if you have a hormone-sensitive condition.

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