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Guggul Help for Kidney Stones

Stones in the urinary tract are formed by crystallization of salts like calcium phosphate, calcium pyrophosphate, and monosodium urate monohydrate (MSUM). In Ayurveda, some plants are known to dissolve these salts. Three of these plants, including guggul, were studied for their ability to dissolve these crystals in vitro. Among them the aqueous extracts of Rotula aquatic and Commiphora wightii (guggul) were found to dissolve the MSUM crystals.52 Guggul also can help relieve the pain associated with kidney stones, according to Ayurvedic experts.25

Guggul may help relieve the pain from kidney stones and may also dissolve kidney stones.

Guggul extracts have also been noted to inhibit the growth of struvite. Struvite is another type of crystalized kidney stone that women more frequently get as a result of urinary tract infections. These crystals frequently gives rise to staghorn-calculi, a painful condition due to where the stones have multiple branches and can fill the kidney. This condition is so serious that without treatment a patient has a 50% chance of actually losing a kidney.53

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