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Guggul May Help Get Rid of Acne

Guggul may help resolve acne in some people.

Guggul has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties research demonstrates can help people suffering from even serious acne blemishes. Guggulipid both reduces the excess secretion of the skin’s natural oils (sebum) and blocks bacterial metabolism of fats that are reported to promote the development of pimples.6

In one older 3-month study published in 1994 involving 20 patients suffering from severe acne with nodules and cysts, those given a gugulipid tablet twice a day had a 68% reduction in inflammatory lesions. This was statistically the same as results experienced by the group randomly assigned to take 500 mg of the antibiotic tetracycline twice daily (65.2% reduction in lesions). Those patients with oily skin responded much better to the guggulsterone treatment. Also of note is that while four of the tetracycline-treatment group relapsed to pre-treatment acne status three months after treatment, only two of the gugulipid group did.61

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